BoonYah media kit

The following are the official BoonYah logos and screenshots for press and promotional purposes. If you can’t find an image that you’re looking for contact us.

BoonYah Logo – Dark Backgrounds

Download EPSPNG

BoonYah Logo – White Backgrounds

Download EPSPNG

Product Screenshots


Asset Usage

BoonYah’s assets can only be used for material relating to BoonYah. Modifying or editing our assets in any way is strictly prohibited. Only the images available for download on this page should be used. Do not use unofficial assets.

Do Not:

  • Modify or alter the BoonYah logo or screenshots in any way.
  • Combine the BoonYah assets with any other name or logo.
  • Use the BoonYah logo in reference to any service other than BoonYah.
  • Use any version of the BoonYah assets that are not currently on our site.


  • Leave enough space around the BoonYah logo so it doesn’t become cluttered.
  • Add the BoonYah assets to your materials in a tasteful manner.
  • Visit this page regularly for updated material